Fractasia is a home-grown, local Austin small business started in 1995 by an enthusiastic engineer and photographer, Brian Barnes, eager to share his photographic vision with the world.

Brian started his photographic adventures at age 8 when his Father gave him his first camera prior to a family vacation to Yellowstone National Park. Some of these original pictures, discovered decades later, showed astonishing closeups of many of the park’s larger fauna including buffalo, moose and black bear. Fortunately, the creatures do not appear to have felt threatened by a four-foot-tall photographer without a clear understanding of mortality. Brian still has this classic, Bakelite encased, Argus C3, complete with leather case and flash, and it is still in working order.

Some years later, Brian was very good and got a Pentax SLR with both a wide angle lens and a telephoto zoom from Santa Claus which he used quite effectively during other family vacations to, among other places, the Bahamas, California and Alaska. After college, Brian poured a good deal of his junior engineer’s wages into Nikon’s flagship camera, the incomparable F5, “Imported from the Future”, the last great Nikon camera of the film era.

Compared to the pinnacle of film technology, the early generations of digital cameras suffered from slow and imprecise focus, haphazard exposure and Lilliputian output size. Seeing the steady increase in sophistication in digital technology, Brian soldiered on, often shooting both film and digital to ensure some output worth keeping.

Recently, Brian obtained what is without a doubt the greatest all-around camera ever created, the current king of cameras, the Nikon D800E(xtreme). It has the world record in dynamic range (the ability to capture both dark and bright spots in the same image), is eclipsed in color accuracy only by 2, medium format, studio cameras, costing 12 times more, and has low light, low noise capabilities second only to Nikon’s previous generation, top camera with one third the pixels. No other camera has ever scored so highly in all 3 of these areas. And, with 2 to 3 times the resolution of the best of the previous class, it has pixels to burn.

Today, Brian works as a full time photographer, pushing the boundaries of digital imaging to ever greater heights.

Brian can be reached at Brian at Fractasia d0t c0m